Development of an On/Near Site Child Care Center

Child Care Council of Nassau offers consulting services to employers interested in establishing an on/near site child care center. Services include:


  • Needs assessment of your employees Committing to the establishment of an employer-sponsored child care center is a major undertaking both in time and funds.  The first and most important step is to ascertain the current needs of the employees and to forecast future demand.  The Council will conduct an in-depth survey to determine the demographics of your employees (how many are parents or are of childbearing age, where they live, etc.) and their child care preferences and expectations.
  • Identification of appropriate space A two-step process that involves:  1) touring and assessing available space for suitability as a child care center; and, 2) estimating the number of children that can be served and the most effective plan for maximizing use of space in accommodating them. 
  • Initial Development Activities Utilizing the needs assessment survey, Council will be able to ascertain the ages of children to be served, numbers of children and number of groups.  Suggestions on a center lay-out, built-ins and playground requirements will be proposed that will offer a developmentally appropriate environment for children. 
  • Arrange for Government Inspections During the pocess of opening a child care center there are local, county and state regulations with which you will need to be familiar with and comply with. Council will navigate you through the offices of the Building Department, Fire Marshall, Zoning Board, Health Department and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (licensing agency for child care). 
  • Budget In making your decision about opening a child care center for your employees, it is important to be able to anticipate realistic initial expenses and an operating budget. Based on the various configurations and alterations needed on the site selected, a start-up budget will be created that includes construction costs, permits, classroom, kitchen and playground equipment, supplies, etc. In addition, based on a potential licensing capacity, an operating budget will be presented that takes into consideration current market rates and current salaries.  Council will be able to give you the most up-to-date information in this regard as it is constantly updating and researching the state of child care in Nassau County. 
  • Assistance in selecting a vendor to operate the center With its wide network and familiarity with child care center operators that Council has, it will help you develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) which will be sent to experienced and quality-proven operators. Council will see the process through to conclusion by responding to questions and requests for more information from the potential vendors. A thorough analysis of the proposals, including compliance with all regulatory requirements as well as financial capability, will be made with a recommendation for selection of an operator. 
  • Technical assistance for an employer-operated center There are times when an employer may choose to operate an on-site child care center, in this instance; Council can provide hands-on assistance from planning to the opening of the center.  This would include (in addition to the above):  completion of the licensing application for submission to New York State Office of Children and Family Services (NYSOCFS); development of appropriate facility design; identification of resources for liability insurance; assistance is advertising for and hiring of the most-qualified director of the program.  Of course, Council would be involved in trouble shooting and overcoming obstacles to the final licensing and opening of the center.


This kind of support, during a lengthy, detailed process, can eliminate or reduce many of the obstacles that can (and do) arise.  Child care Council of Nassau, Inc. is confident in its ability to assist you in having the quality child care center that you will want as representative of your organization. If you are interested in this type of employer contract, please call Council at 516-358-9288 ext 21 or email