Long Island Infant Toddler Resource Center



Who we are...

Recognizing the importance of the first three years of life, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services has funded an Infant Toddler Resource Center in each of their licensing regions. The Long Island Center is a collaborative project involving the Child Care Councils of Nassau and Suffolk.


Long Island Infant Toddler Resource Center is designed to support child care providers working with children from birth to 36 months.


Why now?

There are more than 5000 infants and toddlers in licensed and registered child care on Long Island. Recent brain research demonstrates that early care has a decisive and long lasting impact on how people develop their ability to learn, and their capacity to regulate their own emotions.


Caring for babies and young children is an awesome responsibility. Those working with infants and toddlers need to have access to information and support in order to expand their skills.

*Shore, Rima. 1997. Rethinking the Brain. New York, New York. Families and Work Institute.


What we offer...

  • On-site observation and assistance
  • Coaching and mentoring for family, group and centers
  • Assistance in planning and arranging environments
  • Assistance in planning and implementing curriculum
  • Assistance initiating a new infant or toddler program
  • Assistance working with a specific infant, toddler, staff person or parent
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Assistance in planning personal professional development
  • Infant Toddler Series, a series of workshops on topics relevant to the care and education of infants and toddlers
  • Access to books, literature and DVDs/videos addressing all aspects of infant and toddler care and education


Ten Components of High Quality Child Care

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Well Trained Staff Regarding Child Development
  3. Environment
  4. Small Groups
  5. Primary Care Giving & Continuity
  6. Responsive Care Giving
  7. Curriculum
  8. Language & Literacy
  9. Family & Culture
  10. Comprehensive Services


Professional Development Opportunities:

  • 2-hour workshops
  • Series



Zero to Three

US Breastfeeding Committee

Adelphi Parenting Institute

Child Care Council of Suffolk


Contact Info:


Kristy Roy, Infant Toddler Manager

Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc.


516-358-9250 ext.133