Consultation Services

Council offers consultation services for all modalities of care and all types of early childhood settings. 


Our goals:

  • Improve the quality of care provided to children
  • Improve the health and safety of the environment
  • Develop and expand existing programs


We offer two types of technical assistance services:


Basic - free of charge and takes place through written and verbal communications including phone, email or fax. This services is limited to less than one hour. 


Sample topics:

  • Best practices for providing child care
  • Indicators of quality child care programs
  • Information on business administration practices
  • Regulations governing program compliance issues specific to that program
  • Information for prospective providers interested in developing a child care program


On Site - may or may not be free of charge, depending on the specific situation (i.e. a request from NYS OCFS Licensing to assist a program in a corrective action plan, a provider requesting technical assistance with individualized criteria, linked to a training series, etc.). A qualified technical assistance specialist will come into your program. Sessions are in one-hour increments and include observations, feedback, evaluations, and quality improvement plans that are assessment-driven and results-oriented.


Sample topics:

  • Infant/toddler issues
  • Preschool issues
  • Challenging behaviors
  • Staff development (30 hour mandated training plan)
  • Family or staff policies and procedures
  • Room arrangement
  • Age/developmentally/culturally appropriate materials
  • Business practices
  • Recruitment of children and/or staff
  • Accreditation Assessment and Advisement (NAEYC for center-based programs and NAFCC for Family Child Care programs)
  • QUALITYstarsNY Assessment
  • Developing and/or reviewing health care plans
  • Health Care Consultant of Record services


To arrange for consultation services for your program, please call the Early Childhood Services Department at 516-358-9250 ext. 134