Health Care Consultant Services

Our Health Services Department is a resource for you or your program, should you have any questions concerning health issues as they relate to child care. Our services include:

  • Guidance and over sight for child care programs in Nassau County that are certified to administer medications
  • Assistance in becoming Medication Administration Training (MAT) certified. MAT Training courses are offered at Council.
  • We will be your program's Health Care Consultant of Record
  • Helping you develop your program's Health Care Plan
  • Technical assistance
  • Workshops related to current health care issues
  • Emergency Medication Administration Overview classes are offered at the Council for programs that are not MAT trained but would like to administer emergency medications in their programs

Medication Administration Training (MAT)

In New York State, the law states that any child care programs which choose to administer medications to the children in their care must be certified to do so by approved trainers in a specialized course. Their license must identify that they are so approved. 

The MAT course is 8 hours in length, and is usually scheduled over two days. A written exam and competency demonstration is required in order to pass the course. Once approved, the certificate is good for three years. Providers who choose to administer medications must also be certified in CPR and First Aid. 


For Medication Administration Certification to remain current, providers must renew their MAT certificate every three years. Upon the third renewal, you must schedule a Competency Testing session with a MAT Trainer to complete this process. Learn more about renewing your MAT Certificate.