Updates for CACFP Participants


KidKare is the CACFP computer program which allows you to send in your claims via the internet. With the use of KidKare, claims are processed sooner, and in turn, the reimbursement money will reach you faster. It will also increase the reimbursement by eliminating errors that would be made on paper forms. Paperwork is minimal and the claim is sent in electronically. There is no fee for using this service. Other features include: recording meals, enrolling children, pre-planning menus, and noting sick days and school holidays. 


CACFP Policy and Procedure Manual

Council is required to publish and distribute the CACFP Policy and Procedure Manual to all programs enrolled in CACFP.


Why is a Policy and Procedure Manual Needed?

  • CACFP must follow certain policies mandated by the NYS Department of Health in order to effectively manage the participants enrolled in the program. Policies describe the rules of the program and the consequences of what happens when they are not followed.
  • Procedures are needed to guide CACFP participants through the program. Compliance to these policies and procedures is mandatory. It ensures that the children in your program are receiving proper nutrition and that all official paperwork is kept up to date by the provider.


Highlights to Federal CACFP Regulations/Policy:

  • Two (2) of the three (3) required monitor visits must be unannounced, meaning that no prior notice is given. One (1) unannounced visit must include the observation of meal service. Child Care Council of Nassau reserves the right to conduct ALL visits unannounced.
  • The child care provider must notify the CACFP office in advance whenever they are going to be out of their home during the meal service period.
  • Record Maintenance requirements: Federal regulation 7 CFR 226.10 (d) states that the records must be retained for three years after the submission of the last claim for the current Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 through September 30). The exception to this rule is when there are outstanding audit findings, in which case the retention period is extended to three years after resolution of the audit. For providers, this means:
  1. As long as the records can be retrieved for review upon request, the format for record retention can include either hard copy of forms OR easily retrievable electronic copy.
  2. Providers must keep all records to support the current month, and the previous 12 months of operation at day care home site.
  3. Providers may store the remaining 2 years of records offsite, but they must be accessible within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. If no off-site storage is used, providers must keep all 3 years of records at the day care home site.
  • Enrollment forms MUST be kept up to date and on file for EACH child in your care. All forms must be accurately completed.
  • All enrollment forms have an expiration date of September 30th each year.
  • Field Representatives must show photo ID that they are employees of Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc.


Any questions regarding the policies and procedures of CACFP can be directed to ext.24.