Worksite Seminars

Years ago, parents were able to share parenting concerns and solutions with neighbors and family. Today, in many families, both parents work and extended families do not live nearby. To respond to the need for support for parents, Child Care Council has developed a series of parenting seminars for parents, employers and community groups throughout Nassau. Topics range from the expectations versus realities of parenthood, to early childhood and school age concerns to balancing the demands of work and family. To schedule a workshop, call 516-358-9288 ext. 21 and ask for Sandra Senior, our Director of Parent Services or send us an email at


Child Care Council recognizes the great balancing act that families today are experiencing.  It has prepared a list of educational seminars which address many of the issues around today’s work/family situation.  In addition to the listed seminars, our child care and education specialists can customize a seminar at your request.  These seminars can be presented to any group of 10 or more parents anywhere in Nassau County.  The fee for each seminar is $150 per hour.



  • “The Nuts and Bolts of Choosing Child Care” – An overview of child care options and assistance in making child care choices
  • “Who Stays Home When the Kids are Sick?” – Discussion of parental responsibility, sharing the parent load and utilizing outside support services.
  • “Choosing Summer and/or Holiday Care When School is Closed” – What’s a working parent to do? A discussion of options and the summer/holiday care search.
  • “Stress and the Working Parent” – Stress is a fact of life.  Learn how to recognize the symptoms and develop mechanisms for coping.
  • “The Juggling Act - Balancing Work and Family Life” – Techniques for successfully combining work and family life – roles, expectations and satisfactions.
  • “Time Management” – Planning, Prioritizing and Delegating – Learn how to be more in control of your life.
  • “Am I the Only One Who Feels Guilty?” – You are not alone! Most parents feel guilty and/or ambivalent about leaving children in someone else’s care. This session provides an opportunity to discuss your feelings.
  • “ Child Development” – Discussion of ages, stages and realistic expectations
    • Part I: Birth through Three
    • Part II: Three through Five
  • “What is Quality Time with Children?”– Don’t overlook the obvious – you may be providing more quality time then you think!  If not, you can start right now! 
  • “Parenting Adolescents” – How to survive the teenage years.
  • “Developmentally Appropriate Activities for Children” – “Early childhood education” for parents and the importance of “play” for children.
  • “This is What I Really Want to Say!”: Techniques for Becoming More Assertive – Learn to communicate more effectively with “significant others”.
  • “Getting Along with Your Care giver: A Formula for Success”.
  • “Let Children be Children… Why Rush Them?”
  • “The Impact of Television on Children”