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This page will list all updates regarding COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) currently affecting our community.
 For immediate updates - please contact getinvolved@childcarenassau.org to be added to our e-mail list.

Office of Children and Family Services

 New York State Department of Health
Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization

JULY 8, 2020

  • Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (CED one pager). While the terms and conditions are much improved, particularly related to potential use by child care centers, the deadline for submission of applications remains June 30th (unless extended by Congress). So, note the changes, but the short time for applications.

Family Child Home Related:


JUNE 25, 2020



JUNE 23, 2020

Special live webinar training: "Guidance and Best Practices for Child Care Programs Operating During the COVID-19 Emergency" 
Please join ECETP for this special training. They will provide guidance and clarification on interim guidelines for child care programs operating during the COVID-19 emergency. They will also discuss best practice recommendations you can put into practice in your programs. You can register now for one of the 5 additional live sessions. They’ll be taking place on  Wednesday (6/24), Thursday (6/25), Friday (6/26) Monday (6/29) and Tuesday (6/30) from 1pm to 2:30pm.
This course will provide you with 1.5 hours of training. 
Registration is now open but capacity is limited, so register today! Please note, you only need to register for ONE session.
If you are interested in congregate viewing of this training, email the ECETP mailbox ecetp@albany.edu for information.
Visit https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu/ for more information. 

 MAY 22, 2020

The New York Forward Loan Fund (NYFLF) is a new economic recovery loan program aimed at supporting New York State small businesses, nonprofits and small landlords as they reopen after the COVID-19 outbreak and NYS on PAUSE. The NYFLF targets the state’s small businesses with 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees (90% of all businesses), nonprofits and small landlords that have seen a loss of rental income. The NYFLF is specifically timed to support businesses and organizations as they proceed to reopen and have upfront expenses to comply with guidelines (e.g., inventory, marketing, refitting for new social distancing guidelines) under the New York Forward Plan.  
Pre-application for the New York Forward Loan Fund will be open on May 26, 2020 at Noon Eastern Daylight Time. Priority will be given to industries that have been reopened. This is not a first-come, first-served loan program. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as regions and industries reopen.


  • Small businesses and nonprofits must employ 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees;
  • Small businesses must have gross revenues of less than $3 million per year;
  • Nonprofits must provide direct services and have an annual operating budget of less than $3 million per year; and
  • Have not received a loan from either SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) for COVID-19 in 2020.


APRIL 28, 2020

 Listed above is Policy 20-01: Clarification of the Terms Serious Incident, Serious Injury, Serious Condition, Communicable Disease and When to Obtain Emergency Medical Care


Please read this information, retain it as a resource, and share the new policy with your colleagues.



 APRIL 27, 2020

BFREE, Baby Cafes has the above flyers with the updated times in English and Spanish of virtual Baby Cafes, as well as instructions for how to use Microsoft Teams, the platform the Cafes are held on. The link to the session is: https://bit.ly/bfreebabycafe


BFREE also want to remind you that they have partnered with the Allied Foundation to offer "Morning Milk," a breastfeeding education webinar series every Friday from 11am-12pm. This week's theme is “Handling Breastfeeding Challenges: Growth Spurts and Cluster Feeding.” Those who are interested can sign up via the following link: https://secure.givelively.org/event/allied-foundation-inc/the-allied-foundation-community-corner/morning-milk-handling-breastfeeding-challenges. Alternatively, mothers can join directly on this following Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/93211213508.


Finally, BFREE want to remind you all that they've partnered with the Allied Health Foundation to offer a breastfeeding warmline for free breastfeeding support at the following number: 1-866-211-0404. The lactation professionals will be able to respond to any questions within 24 hours.




APRIL 22, 2020

Here are a few more suggestions to consider in order to remain mindful of the social & emotional health of children while also being vigilant of health & safety during this unprecedented time.  Are we really listening to the children’s concerns or are we simply dismissing or sugar coating them? How can we use our materials in a different way to aid in social distancing & increased hygiene practices?  We will be highlighting a few of these reminders on social media throughout the day, so if you don’t follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, please start and be a part of the conversation.

Aquí hay mas sugerencias para mantenerse consciente de la salud social y emocional de los niños y a la misma vez, estar atentos a la salud y la seguridad durante este tiempo sin precedentes. ¿Realmente estamos escuchando las preocupaciones de los niños o estamos simplemente  descartando o endulzando esas preocupaciones? ¿Cómo podemos usar nuestros materiales de una manera diferente para apoyar el distanciamiento social y aumentar las prácticas de higiene? Compartiremos algunos de estos recordatorios en las redes sociales durante todo el día. Siguenos en Facebook, Instagram o Twitter y sea parte de la conversación.




APRIL 20, 2020

Please read the above memo from Office of Children and Family Services regarding Guidance and Executive Orders on the new requirement of wearing face masks in public for anyone able and over the age of two. Please note, Children do NOT need to wear face coverings when they are in a child care program. In addition, the outdoor space that belongs exclusively to the child care programs is not considered a public place.



APRIL 17, 2020

Dear Provider:

Not everyone is aware that Governor Cuomo has declared child care to be an essential service during the COVID-19 emergency.  In the event that you are questioned about your ability to operate during the emergency, OCFS has prepared the above letter that further clarifies child care i​s an essential service in New York State. We are providing this letter to all child care programs proactively, so you have a resource available to share should the need arise. This information is also posted on the OCFS website.




APRIL 15, 2020

Last week, we started the conversation on implementing social distancing in our programs. There are tips and suggestions that we can follow, but how do we remain mindful of the social & emotional health of children while also being vigilant with health & safety? Here are a few suggestions to reflect on during this unprecedented time in our work with children. We will be highlighting a few of these reminders on social media throughout the day, so if you don’t follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, please start and be a part of the conversation.


La semana pasada comenzamos la conversación sobre la implementación del distanciamiento social en nuestros programas. Hay consejos y sugerencias que podemos seguir, pero ¿cómo nos mantenemos conscientes de la salud social y emocional de los niños, al mismo tiempo estando atentos a la salud y la seguridad? Aquí hay algunas sugerencias para reflexionar durante estos tiempos desconocidos en nuestro trabajo con niños. Durante el día realzaremos algunas recomendacione en las redes sociales. Si no nos sigue en Facebook, Instagram o Twitter, comience y sea parte de la conversación.




APRIL 13, 2020

"Child Care Providers and Federal Assistance: Small Business Administration Loans and Loan Forgiveness” 

Webinar held on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. This Webinar featured Tom Copeland, a leading expert on the business of child care.

"Proveedores de Cuidado Infantil y Asistencia Federal: Administración para la Pequeña Empresa (Small Business Administration, SBA) préstamos  y préstamos  perdonables" Webinar ofrecido el Miércoles 8 de Abril del 2020.  Presentado por Tom Copeland, líder experto en negocios de cuidado infantil.  




APRIL 8, 2020

Is Social Distancing Possible in an Early Childhood Classroom?

Social Distancing is possible with some guidance and creativity!  We understand times are challenging and we want to be able to support our families and children while ensuring the health and safety of everyone.   Please consider these suggestions to help support social distancing in your program.  Also, keep an eye out for our posts on social media for more guidance and ways for you to share with others what you are doing in your program


¿Es posible el distanciamiento social en Programas de Cuidado de Niños?

¡La distancia social es posible  con un poco de guianza y creatividad! Entendemos que los tiempos son deficiles y queremos  apoyar a nuestras familias y niños mientras  que aseguramos la salud y la seguridad de todos. Considere estas sugerencias para ayudar a apoyar el distanciamiento social en su programa. Tambien, esté atento a nuestras publicaciones en las redes sociales para obtener más informacion y ver differente formas de compartir con otros lo que está trabajando en su programa




APRIL 6, 2020  


Webinar: Small Business Administration Opportunities and Economic Relief for Child Care Providers

Office of Children and Family Services, in conjunction with the Civil Service Employees Association, will be hosting a live webinar on “Child Care Providers and Federal Assistance: Small Business Administration Loans and Loan Forgiveness” on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 7 p.m. The webinar features Tom Copeland, a leading expert on the business of child care.




APRIL 2, 2020  


Dear School District Directors of Pupil Personnel, CPSE Chairs and Support Staff:


  • 4410 Preschool Special Education Center based programs, Early Intervention developmental groups and Transportation continue to be suspended until further notice.   
  • The Preschool and Early Intervention programs are reimbursing for telehealth services.  Parental consent is needed. 



APRIL 2, 2020  

Have you thought about using face masks in your program for your staff and children over the age of 3? Consider these health and safety guidelines before making a decision.

With proper policies, procedures and implementation they can be a helpful tool against the spread of germs. We are here to answer any questions you may have! Stitched Together Long Island is local volunteer group sewing up homemade masks for essential workers. Visit their Facebook Page for More Information.

¿Has pensado en usar máscaras faciales en tu programa para tu uso personal y los niños mayores de 3 años? Considere esta guia de recomendaciones de salud y seguridad antes de tomar una decisión. Con políticas, procedimientos y implementación adecuados pueden ser una auxillio útil contra la difusión de gérmenes. 

¡Estamos aquí para responder a cualquier pregunta que pueda tener! 

Stitched Together Long Island es un grupo de voluntarios locales cosiendo máscaras para los trabajadores esenciales. 

Visita la página de Facebook para obtener más información. 


APRIL 1, 2020   

In this time of financial stress, there are several new programs available to help child care programs specifically, and small businesses and employees in general. This is a summary of what we know so far. The decision whether to access the loan programs is one that you as a business owner must make; Child Care Council of Nassau is happy to provide this information and talk through options that are available to you.



MARCH 31, 2020   

  • Child Care Vacancies

    This brief survey will be used to track child care availability in licensed and registered programs across the state. Information will be provided to local child care resource and referral agencies (CCR&R), including Child Care Council of Nassau and other partners who are working with families as they try to locate child care programs, such as yours, for their children.

  • Needed Supplies in Child Care Programs

    Child Care Council of Nassau is working closely with the OFCS Regional Office and our state-level partners to locate the necessary supplies. Please note that as of right now, we do not have supplies available. This survey will help us identify the need so that we can distribute quickly should we receive supplies. 

    MARCH 30, 2020   


During these challenging times, Child Care Council of Nassau is here to assist the child care community in any way we can. Our Health Care Consultants, Lisa Rogalle, R.N. and Lorena Mantilla-Munyak, R.N., created the above letter offering valuable information regarding COVID-19. Please review the contents and be sure to reach out for any questions or concerns

En estos tiempos difíciles, Child Care Council of Nassau está aquí para ayudar la comunidad de cuidado infantil en lo que podamos. Nuestras Consultadoras de Cuidado de Salud, Lisa Rogalle, R.N. y Lorena Mantilla-Munyak, R.N. han creado la siguiente carta ofreciendo información valiosa sobre COVID-19. Por favor revise el contenido y asegúrese de comunicarse con nosotros con cualquier pregunta o inquietud.




MARCH 27, 2020    

The purpose of this Informational Letter (INF) is to reiterate certain important information for child care providers necessary for them to continue operations during the current public health emergency. Please review this letter and familiarize yourself with its contents, including the multiple documents linked within the memo. This INF will be posted on the OCFS website, Child Care Council of Nassau's website and is being distributed electronically to the child care community. 




MARCH 26, 2020   

Child Care Council of Nassau has been asked to share two surveys released from OCFS as they work to respond to the many challenges during this quickly evolving public health emergency.


  • A survey for child care programs to report their current openings
  • A survey for parents/caregivers who are looking for child care services

Survey on Child Care Openings 

OCFS is collecting information from licensed and registered child care providers to find out whether they have openings in their child care program, and if they have the capacity and desire to serve more children than their established capacity. Providers who have slots available in their program are asked to complete this survey every Wednesday.

OCFS will share this information with stakeholders including the local child care resource and referral agencies to help connect parents in need of child care with available slots in their community. 


Parent/Caregiver Need for Child Care Survey

If you are a parent or caregiver who needs child care, please complete this parent need for child care survey. Based on the information you provide about your job, employer, number of children, and financial need, OCFS may be able to help you find the child program you need. It may be a challenge to find child care due to COVID-19 related program closures, however the staff at OCFS are trying their best to support families to find the high quality child care that they need.






MARCH 23, 2020   


Guidance for Programs on Background Check Waiver Process:




MARCH 20, 2020  


The three documents above are information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) responses to many questions the Bureau of Early Intervention (BEI) has received about the use of telehealth/virtual early intervention visits. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOHMH) has provided guidance for teletherapy services, including evaluations, and a sample checklist with considerations to help the early intervention community navigate service delivery using teletherapy.  


 MARCH 19, 2020


The purpose of this Informational Letter (INF) listed above is to reiterate certain important information for child care providers necessary for them to continue operations during the current public health emergency.


MARCH 18, 2020 

OCFS is seeking assistance from licensed and registered child care programs and their employees.

Child care workers who are temporarily out of work due to COVID-19 related program closures may be able to help fill vital roles at other child care programs.

If you are interested in helping support your community by helping to keep local child care programs operating - especially to care for children of health care and other critical workers, please click below to complete the Survey for Current Child Care Workers.

Your responses will be shared with local child care programs that are in need of staff.

MARCH 16, 2020 


Information for Child Care Programs

In an effort to support child care programs and be responsive to the needs of the community during this time, Governor Cuomo has granted OCFS the authority to temporarily waive selective regulatory requirements.  The Division of Child Care Services encourages programs who are either experiencing hardship due to COVID-19 or are in a position to assist those experiencing hardship due to COVID-19 to submit a waiver request to your licensor/registrar.  Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approval will be time limited.  For example, in light of school closings, a current FDC who is at capacity (8) might be willing and able to accept two additional school-aged children for the 14 days their school is closed.  The program must submit a waiver request for consideration by OCFS which indicates how the health and safety of the children in the program will be maintained. OCFS is committed to reviewing these as expediently as possible.  If approval is granted, the waiver would be limited to the duration of the school closure.  This program could submit another waiver request in the event the school closure is extended, or other if the program has a new circumstance requiring a waiver.  This is just one example of a potential waiver request.  Child care programs are encouraged to consider what scenarios (if any) are applicable to them specifically and apply as necessary throughout the duration of this health crisis.  OCFS encourages innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to work together to get through this current crisis. Below are several Frequently Asked Questions compiled to provide guidance to the child care community.  OCFS will continue to add to this list as applicable.  Please reach out to your regulator with questions.


Frequently Asked Questions for Child Care Programs

Q. Is OCFS going to close my child care program because of COVID-19?

A. No. NYS Department of Health and local health departments will instruct a child care programs regarding how to respond to COVID-19.

Q. What if my child care program is located in New York City?

For child care programs located in NYC, including those regulated by OCFS, additional information can be obtained by going to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website at https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/index.page.  The New York City Health Department will let you know if you are required to close your program.  For information about COVID-19 in New York City, including when to call your health care provider if you feel sick, visit: http://nyc.gov/health.

Q. If my neighborhood school closes, is my child care program required to close?

A. No, unless the program is told to by a public health official, or if it is located in the school facility.

Q. What if my program is located in the containment bubble? What if there are new containment areas?

A. If a program is in the containment area and is directed to close, you will be contacted by local DOH. At this time, group family and family day care homes are not considered places of mass gatherings. Day Care Centers and School Aged Child Care may or may not be considered places of mass gathering as it is based on their capacity.  Your local department of health will direct you.

Q. What if I am directed to close, or choose to close?

A. In either case, you must inform your regulator. 

Q. Families are contacting me who are needing child care, especially for school-aged children, but my program is full. 

A. If you want to take the additional children, and believe your program can handle the additional children, contact your regulator and submit a waiver request.  During the duration of this emergency, there may be flexibility regarding certain regulatory requirements.

Q. What if I want to expand my license/registration to serve more children temporarily?

A. Contact your regulator and submit a waiver request.  During the duration of this emergency, there may be flexibility regarding certain regulatory requirements.

Q. What If I want to bring on new assistant/staff during emergency?

A. Contact your regulator and submit a waiver request.  During the duration of this emergency, there may be flexibility regarding certain regulatory requirements.

Q. What if hospitals, schools, etc. contact me about taking on additional children?

A. Contact your regulator and submit a waiver request.  During the duration of this emergency, there may be flexibility regarding certain regulatory requirements.

Q. What if my program has too many staff absent to continue care?

A. Contact your regulator. There may be possibilities to bring substitutes on board quickly and explore other possibilities in collaboration with other local programs.

Q. What if my program is closed for a period of time? How will I get by?

A. We are receiving ongoing guidance from the federal Office of Child Care and considerations are being made to support programs.

Q. What if a program staff /volunteer is mandated to be quarantined?

A. If the person tests positive for the virus, the program will be contacted by the local Department of Health (DOH) and will be directed on what steps are needed. It is likely the program will be directed to close and self-quarantine the remaining staff and children.

Q. What if a staff person at a child care program is precautionarily quarantined?

A. If a staff member has been exposed to the virus and has self-quarantined but has not tested positive, the individual must not report to work during the quarantine period. The center may continue to operate unless notified otherwise by local DOH.

Q. What if a parent of a child is quarantined?

A. In the event a parent of a child in your program must be quarantined, advise the parent they cannot enter the child care program for any reason, including picking up their child. If the parent is exhibiting signs of illness or has been tested and is positive for the virus, they must utilize an emergency contact authorized by the parent to come pick up the child.  If the parent is being quarantined as a precautionary measure, without symptoms or a positive test, child care staff should walk out or deliver the child to the parent outside the child care building.  The child must not return to the child care program for the duration of the quarantine. 

Q. What if a household member of a home-based provider is quarantined?

A. The program must not operate and must contact local DOH.

Q. What if a child is quarantined? 

A. Children who have been quarantined either through exposure to the virus or a positive test must not attend programs for the duration of the quarantine period. If a child has been diagnosed as positive and has attended the program within the past week, the program must contact local DOH.

Q. What if a family seeks child care for school-aged children whose school has closed?

A. When bringing on additional children, for school-aged children, please confirm what school the child attends. OCFS will distribute lists of schools that have been mandatorily closed for quarantine to the regional offices. No children with any symptoms of illness, or children from schools under mandatory quarantine should attend programs.

Q. My program serves families who receive child care subsidy, what will happen when children are absent or my program is forced to close?

A. We are receiving ongoing guidance from the federal Office of Child Care and considerations are being made to support programs. This includes allowing counties to pay for absence and closure days.




MARCH 16, 2020 


In an effort to curtail the community spread of COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Nassau County Department of Social Services has implemented the following emergency procedures EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:
  • Nassau County DSS Day Care Program will not allow walk-in clients.
  • Day Care providers should not advise parents to visit DSS to see their Day Care worker.
  • Clients, if needed, will be able to mail in or drop off their documents in a document drop-off bin that will be located within the front entrance of the building.
  • Clients are able to fax their documents to 516-227-8710 - these documents MUST have the client and worker name on each page. (Actual applications and recertification applications are not able to be faxed)
 In addition to these procedures, Department of Social Services has reduced the number of working staff in their office settings. If you are unable to reach your worker by telephone - you should leave a message and try again the following day. Clients may also contact their worker's supervisor.

60 Charles Lindberg Boulevard
Uniondale, NY 11553






MARCH 13, 2020   


As concerns around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) increase, Child Care Council of Nassau is committed to communicating proactively with our providers and visitors.   Your safety and well-being is our top priority. We are taking steps to provide a safe and clean environment for our child care providers and the children they serve.

  • We are monitoring the situation closely and following guidance from the Department of Health and other authorities.
  • We know that the cleanliness of our location is important now more than ever. With guidance from health authorities, we are continuing to implement measures to clean and disinfect our office. We are also reviewing and changing our walk-in procedures in accordance with Department of Health guidelines.
  • Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, all trainings and classes will be suspended/postponed through Friday, March 27, 2020. We will revisit this time frame as needed.
  • Effective Monday, 16, 2020, all site visits are suspended/postponed through Friday, March 27, 2020. We will revisit this time frame as needed.
  •  Employee well-being is also a top priority. We are encouraging our staff to follow best practices like frequent hand washing and staying home if they are feeling ill. 

In times like these, when children and adults may be feeling fearful and in need of additional emotional support, positive and uplifting interactions are even more important. We realize this is a stressful time. Child Care Council of Nassau is here to support you in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns you may have.


MARCH 11, 2020




Please read this information and familiarize yourself with the content listed above. Some of these documents will be posted on the OCFS website and translated.


Information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)  is evolving rapidly.  Your program can stay informed by checking the NYS Department of Health website regularly for updates: https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/coronavirus/.  We will continue to provide resource and information whenever possible.


Thank you for your outreach, your patience, and your commitment to the well being of children. 





MARCH 5, 2020



Above is a Dear Provider letter regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) that is  posted to the OCFS website.  


This situation continues to unfold daily, with new information emerging rapidly.   NYS Department of Health is working diligently to keep their website (https://www.health.ny.gov/) up to date with resources and information.  Please continue to check for updates regularly.


Thank you for your commitment to the well-being of children,


MARCH 31, 2020 
MARCH 31, 2020 

   JUNE 23, 2020
   JUNE 23, 2020