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Contact Us

General Contact Information

Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc.

99 Quentin Roosevelt Blvd., Suite 201

Garden City, NY 11530

516-358-9250 - Administration

516-358-9288 - Parent Services

516-358-9287 - Fax

1-800-233-3020 - Toll Free

Hours of Operation - Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Email Contact Information

General: info@childcarenassau.org

Professional Membership: membership@childcarenassau.org

Professional Development: training@childcarenassau.org

Parent Leadership Initiative: pli@childcarenassau.org

Finding Child Care and Parent Resources: childcare@childcarenassau.org

Donations, Events, News, Community Outreach & Advocacy: getinvolved@childcarenassau.org

Jan Barbieri, Executive Director: jbarbieri@childcarenassau.org


Voicemail Extension Numbers


Jan Barbieri, Executive Director - Ext. 11
Jamie Russell, Executive Assistant & Membership Coordinator - Ext. 19



Stephanie Wilson, Communications & Events  - Ext. 34



Cynthia Lenz, Manager of Operations & Human Resources - Ext. 13

Marlene Unz, Contracts Manager - Ext. 12

Reception/ Administrative Assistant - Ext. 10


Early Childhood Services

Joy Connolly, Director of Educational Program Services - Ext. 30
Bonnie Spencer, Infant Toddler Specialist - Ext. 15

Sandra Garcia, Early Childhood Support Specialist- Ext. 28 

Dawn Daniello, Infant Toddler Manager - Ext. 29

Alissa Repetti, Early Childhood Senior Specialist- Ext. 31

Stella Lundie, Early Childhood/Infant Toddler Specialist- Ext. 32

Leslie Santizo, Early Childhood Specialist- Ext. 35

Dana Youkilis, Farm to Preschool Nutritionist - Ext. 40

Cat Chen, Eat Well Play Hard Nutritionist- Ext. 38


Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Barbara Wagner, CACFP Manager - Ext. 24

Diana Rodriguez, CACFP Specialist - Ext. 23

Mariela Cruz, CACFP Sr. Specialist - Ext. 26

Theresa DiSalvo, CACFP Sr. Specialist - Ext. 27


Health Services

Lisa Rogalle, RN, Health Services Consultant - Ext. 42

Lorena Mantilla-Munyak, RN, Health Services Consultant - Ext. 42


Parent Services

Sandra Senior, Director of Parent Services - Ext. 21

Delia Fox, Parent Counselor - Ext. 20

Sandra Martinez, Parent Counselor - Ext. 16

Janet Mezquita, Legally Exempt Enrollment Coordinator - Ext. 17

Theresa Harper, Legally Exempt Enrollment Coordinator - Ext. 18


Parent Leadership Initiative (PLI)

Pam Usher, PLI Nassau Senior Program Coordinator - Ext. 44



Individuals with special needs who may wish to report accessibility problems or request information in an alternate accessible format are encouraged to call the office at 516-358-9250.