An Evening of Self Care

Thursday, August 10th was a night of mindfulness and relaxation for child care providers throughout Nassau County at the BOCES Lupinskie Center on Merrick Avenue in Westbury. Providers were treated to free smoothies, tea, refreshments, raffle prize giveaways, massages, yoga, a positive talk seminar, and Child Care Council of Nassau tote bags!  Several community resources participated in the evening, including Sisters United in Health (a women's breast cancer awareness resource), SEPA Mujer (a women's well-being and advocacy organization), Postpartum Resource Center of New York, and Nassau Library Services.  

An enjoyable experience for all, Council's Early Childhood Services Department planned and organized the activities for the night.  Special thanks to Executive Director Jan Barbieri, Director of Education Program Services Joy Connolly, Early Childhood Sr. Specialist Lisa Hilliard, Infant Toddler Manager Dawn Daniello, Early Childhood Support Specialist Sandra Garcia, Early Childhood Senior Specialist Gillian Kessinger, Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives Kristen Weeden, and Community Events Assistant Samantha Day. Council owes Nassau BOCES a sincere thanks for offering their space in kind.

"Council’s Evening of Self Care was envisioned to create a space that surrounded Child Care Providers in support and care because you cannot give what you don’t receive," said Connolly.  Council would like to especially acknowledge ALL the child care providers in Nassau County for their dedication to the children in their care and the families who rely on them every working day!


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Ready for the evening! Positive Talk Seminar SEPA MujerPostpartum Resource Center of New York Raffle Giveaways! Sisters United in HealthThe first yoga session Child Care providers with their raffle prizes! Child Care providers enjoying the second yoga session Early Childhood Services Staff Nassau Library Services Table